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Updated: May 25, 2020

Hi everyone,

as a counsellor I have been trying to remain calm whilst all this change is taking place. I’m listening to the news and hearing life as we know it change on a daily basis. I’ve heard stories that have made me cry and watched videos of people coming together that have made my heart soar. I am witnessing, as I do in my counselling room, the spectrum of emotions that humans go through. I know that there are many people out there that are scared, worried and dreading what is to come, but I’m a great believer in looking on the positive side of life and know that in order for me to remain calm I need to make sense of what is going on around me. I have always committed my thoughts to paper, whether that is writing in a diary or writing poetry, as this helps me to sort through the chaos of my mind. I function better in life if I can get a handle on my thoughts, so as we go through this episode in history I have spent some time putting my thoughts on paper and I would like to share them with you.

Hopefully in the comments you will share with me what you are doing during this stressful time to work through your thoughts and take care of your mental health. I hope you enjoy my attempt!


Life as we know it has been suspended

for the fearful amongst us it feels the world has ended

the life we took for granted has gone in the blink of an eye

we sit and we wait, and we hope not to die.

The panic is spreading, the fear has begun

there’s nowhere to hide, there’s nowhere to run

it’s affecting us all, the whole human race

it’s out of control, we can’t keep up the pace.

It feels like our life is not ours anymore

we sit and we wait to lock all our doors

to go into lockdown, quarantine, isolation

not all separate parts but the whole of the nation.

We sit glued to the TV, the radio, the phone

to keep up to date so we don’t feel alone

it feels safer in numbers, there is much less fear

we will tough this one out with our Great British cheer.

We will look to our leaders to show us the way

we will hang on to every word that they say

we will hope, we will pray that this soon will be done

so we can move from the dark and once again see the sun.

But whilst we wait on the powers that be

we can look at this time as an opportunity

to spin this negative on its head

and search in ourselves for the positives instead.

This is the time when the world gets a break

from the fast pace of life and the stress that it makes

the time to reflect and look at how we are living

to see that it’s not about taking, it’s all about giving.

Giving the most vulnerable the opportunity to thrive

giving the older generation a chance to stay alive

calming our children making them feel safe and secure

it’s our duty, we’re parents, it’s what we’re here for.

We need to just breath and not jump the gun

this world war battle is one to be won

the time when humans we show ourselves at our best

it’s not just about you, it’s about all the rest.

Where once there was darkness

there will soon become light

humans are resilient

we won’t give up the fight.

We will stand together and follow our heart

we won’t let mans greed tear us apart

COVID 19 will be a thing of the past

we will find some way to kick its ass.

We will show the world over

that humanity will be fine

that the dark cloud will go

and the sun will once again shine.

And whilst we wait for that day to come

I send this message to each and everyone

the world isn’t run by the powers above

it’s run on kindness, compassion and above all love.

Stay safe everyone.


Copyright. Kathryn Shaw 20.03.20

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