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Kathy's training style is clear, friendly and professional. She is able to explain complicated issues at an understandable level. An experienced trainer. I thought that I was resilient until I attended the resilience training course. Now I realise that I need to incorporate more strategies into my life and look after myself better than I do. 

Teaching Assistant at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School


Hi Kathy just wanted to tell you that I  am doing ok, laughing more, doing stuff for myself and getting on with life. Thanks for all your help this year.

15 year old high school student


Genuinely interested  in your training today. It was so to the point and gave clear and honest advice. Your ideas and suggestions can be implemented instantly.

Lead Senco at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School


The coaching I received from Kathy has made such a difference to my life. Kathy just "got me". Thank you for helping me to become more happy and focused.

Adult client

Kathy is honest and professional. Kathy challenges you to look at yourself and reflect on what you see. Her style has helped me to feel comfortable in her presence and comfortable in my own skin. 

Adult client

I'm glad that I've got Kathy to talk to, she listens to me and doesnt make me feel weird or stupid.

Teenage client aged 14


I always thought that people with anxiety and depression should pull themselves together. I was embarrassed to attend counselling as I thought it meant that I was weak. After the first session with Kathy I realised I was wrong to judge people. Kathy showed me that it is okay to talk about feelings. She showed me that we are all human and that sometimes all we need is  someone to listen without wanting to judge us or change us. 

Adult client


Honestly I never thought I would be in the position to use a counselling service. however I found myself in this position recently and I went to see Kathy at Shaw life counselling and Training. Kathy was amazing from the word go when I first went in a very nervous person not knowing what to expect. My sessions with Kathy were amazing and she was able to make me realise what was troubling myself and find a way of dealing with these. Kathy you are a superstar and have helped me so so much. I cant thank you enough and would recommend Kathy to anyone who finds them selves in the position of needing some counselling. THANKYOU!!

Adult client