A little bit about me

As well as being a qualified counsellor, I am also a qualified lecturer and run workshops on mental health and wellbeing, to the private and public sector. I have worked in the helping profession for many years and have extensive experience of supporting teenagers in the role of school counsellor in a secondary school where I worked with students aged 13+. I also taught and mentored young adults 16+ in a further education college.


In my role as counsellor I work with people who are looking to achieve a deeper connection to themselves, to live more fully and courageously. My purpose is to help you connect to the wholeness of yourself, to connect deeply to who you really are when the masks are stripped away, to connect to others and to the world, helping you to pinpoint your goals, and live connected to your true purpose.

I look at the whole person, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. I help you identify areas where you may be standing in your own way, and assist you in connecting to your strongest, most brilliant self.  I believe that a person can make their own decisions, follow their own path in life and live according to what feels right for them. 


I understand that taking the first step and trusting a stranger with your private thoughts is hard but if you call, text or email me we can talk through what you're looking for and discover if my approach works for you. I promise you listening ears and total confidentiality.




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