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I ​work 1-1 with adults and teenagers  who are struggling to cope with expected and unexpected changes in their life and the effect it has on their mental wellbeing, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self harm, fear, guilt, anger or disconnecting from those around you. I can help you to make sense of your feelings so that you feel less overwhelmed and more able to cope.

I can also help you if you feel as though you are not changing but are "stuck" and that your life has become stagnant. You may be questioning where you are in life and how you would like to move forward. We can work together and explore what you want going forward in life and bring about changes that you never knew were possible.

I understand that reaching out and asking for help is hard but if you call, text or email me we can talk through what support you are looking for and discover if my approach works for you. I promise you listening ears and total confidentiality.


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