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What is counselling for Teens?

Helping to build resilience

Between the ages of 11-18 teenagers are still developing their thinking and physical skills. The personality becomes more vulnerable than at any other time and the changes can make teenagers feel uncertain, anxious and inadequate. While our teenage years are a time of fun and opportunity, they can also be very stressful times. Teenage anxiety is on the increase – causes of stress are much greater nowadays with social media, bullying and exams being major contributors. About 4 in 10 teenagers get depressed every year. A perfectly happy and capable child can become gripped with anxiety for no apparent reason and if this is not managed it can be taken into adulthood.


Teenagers often struggle to talk to their parents because they worry about affecting the relationship, being a burden and not being understood. This is where one to one counselling can help teenagers just as it can adults. Having the space to express the confusion of their life can give them perspective. It will help them to develop a positive attitude to life, recognise personal strengths and express feelings and emotions. It does not involve making decisions for them, preaching or imposing different beliefs.

I believe we need more early intervention support for teenagers to help them manage their thoughts and feelings and the changes that they go through. The counselling sessions can be challenging, sad, fun and frustrating.  I will help your teenager learn about anxiety, to understand what happens as they develop and to develop some tools and techniques to reduce it. I will help them find ways of dealing with the pressures and fears they face so they can build their confidence and resilience.

If you are a parent and would like to have a confidential discussion about your child then please get in touch.